This 16 page booklet provides guidelines suggesting actions that will ensure a viable and sustainable Fire Protection Association (FPA). Whether a new FPA has registered with the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) or is in the process of doing so, getting an FPA operating efficiently and encouraging landowner participation is an “on the ground” exercise requiring practical activities by, and delivering tangible benefits to, landowners.




An A4 poster with helpful fire safety tips.

Languages: English, Zulu


This handbook is part of a suite of training manuals published by Working on Fire and it provides a basic understanding of fire, and what you as a firefighter may be able to do to suppress them. The guide is illustrated and written in easy to understand sections with highlighted pointers.

It covers the chemistry of fire and goes on to discuss fire behaviour including weather, topography and fuels. Fire Fighter Safety (LACES) is also described. The section on Fire Fighting Strategies includes a description of various modes of attack such as mobile, flanking, tandem, pincer and envelopment attack.

Different hose-lays are described and resources are explained in detail, from hand-tools and bulldozers to aerial bombers and helicopters. Structure protection is required when a veld/urban fires occur and special precautions have to be taken.

Incident Organization is a useful chapter about the Incident Command System and its management. Not all fires are attacked in the same way and some of the more basic situations have been outlined.

At the back there is a comprehensive glossary of unique firefighting terminology and a description of the National Veld and Forest Fire Act (1988).

This training manual will empower people, communities, farmers and foresters in the proper and safe techniques to combat veld and forest fires.

The Veld and Forest Firefighting Fundamentals handbook is available from Working on Fire @ R64 per copy excluding postage.


This colourful poster makes an excellent teacher aid in conveying the message of fire awareness to learners. Through illustrations and text it conveys lessons about:





Fire safety

  •     the impacts of fire
  •     causes of wildfires
  •     means to prevent veld fires - what to do and what not to do
  •     fire danger rating
  •     school fire safety rules

It is aimed at schools but can also be used in the broader community like clinics as it is self explanatory.
Physical appearance:
Size: 60 cm x 84 cm; Printed both sides; Full colour on one side, black and white on the other.



An illustrated A6 booklet by environmental lawyer David Waddilove which details in an easy to understand way:

How does the law deal with wildfires
What are the legal duties regarding wildfire prevention
Requirements for firebreaks
What is the danger rating system
Fire protection association requirements and duties
Fire management plans
What is Working on Fire

Languages: English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, N Sotho.


BOARD GAMES: Snakes and Ladders and the Around SA Board Game
A4 opens to A3 Full colour double sided with dice and counters
A fun and accessible way for school children (and their teachers and parents/caregivers) to learn the differences between good and bad fire behaviour.

LANGUAGES: English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Setswana, Venda and Tsonga. Translations can be done if there is a need and funding is made available.



A comprehensive breakdown of the national fire danger rating (FDI) system produced in full colour in A4 size. An extended technical version is also available giving the FDI alignment chart; the FDI rainfall correction factor and a step by step calculation procedure for FDI calculation.

Languages: English; Afrikaans; Xhosa, Zulu, Setswana, Venda, N Sotho, Ndebele, Tsonga, S Sotho and Setswana.



This colourful A3 sized jig-saw puzzle is a useful tool to teach children about good fire behaviour.

Printed on both sides, each side of the base has the bad behaviour and once jig-saw pieces are put together it show the good fire behaviour. Images are self explanatory, however, it is best used in a classroom set up and could be used as a group activity.










































A0 sized street-pole posters available in 3 sets per language. Each poster has a short but powerful message. Ideally used pre and during fire season for motorists and general public making them aware to be cautious of their actions in the fire prone area.




The Forest Fire Information Technology Transfer SA committee, in co-operation with the Southern African Institute of Forestry and Deer Valley Press (USA) introduced the "Fire Manager's Handbook on Veld and Forest Fires : Strategy, Tactics and Safety" in December 2003.

This handbook was the first of its kind to be published in Africa, and the first print run was snapped up by individuals and organisations involved in the prevention and combating of veld and forest fires on this continent. The second run follows some minor enhancements to the text.

This 500-page handbook, written by William C. Teie and edited by Tiaan Pool (PE Technikon), is an adaptation of Chief Fire Officer Teie's award winning text, published and widely used in the USA.

The Southern African Institute of Forestry states that the handbook is playing a vital role in building knowledge and awareness of wildfires in the region, and hopes the result will be a reduction in the totally unnecessary and devastating losses of life and property that occur each year from wildfires.

The Fire Manager's Handbook has the following chapters:

    Fire Weather
    Topography and Fuels
    Fire Behaviour
    Fireline Safety
    Fire Prevention and Protection
    Fire Extingushing Methods
    Initial Attack Strategy and Tactics

    Use of Fire-fighting Resources

    Structure Protection
    Fire Organisation and Management
    Prescribed Fire Management
    Fuel Breaks
    Lookouts and Camera Towers
    Fire Pumps and Hose

The Handbook is published and distributed by the Southern African Institute of Forestry. The price is R410.40 (R360 +VAT) per copy for purchases within South Africa, and US$85 for purchases outside of South Africa. Postage and packaging are included in these prices.


Firewise has recently produced this handy leaflet aimed at landowners and gardeners alike. This colourful leaflet is printed on both sides. One side shows you how to fireproofing your garden by planting indigenous “fire-resistant” plants, giving you an image and description of plants recommended. While the reverse explains ladder fuels and what you can do to fire-proof your garden and home.

This issue focuses on the Western Province mainly.